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'London Natural History Museum' header image

I literally fall in love with this place. I adore animals and it seems to be no matter for me if they are alive or stuffed, I mean I’m not cruel but it’s always interesting to see what sorts of beasts lived once on Earth. Yes, the main and most visited room is one with dinosaurs. It is not only exhibition of objects but the museum has also educational function - yeah, you should read. A lot. The moving allosaurus (hopefully, don’t trust me, just usual dinosaur specimen) is impressively realistic, it is made so perfect that you can’t see any seam or something unnatural in its appearance, maybe it’s due to the deemed light (I should use this hint when I look not very well). I liked everything in this museum though (and again) we didn’t have enough time to examine every single show room and to be honest my husband got bored. There are differently coloured zones dedicated to different types of animals: fishes, birds, mammals, human biology (which is far too straightforward), cocoons, all about earth, ecology, fossils, minerals, garden plus temporary exhibitions (so many things remained unseen). The building itself is exquisite. I spotted it from our first visit to London and it was the main reason to visit the museum. As I said above the Natural History Museum has a great educational function which means you should step over the pupils’ groups every now and then and children are always very annoying (Gosh, what will I say when I’ve got my own kids). The very big gift shop offers to the customers a large range of amazing books but as always they are too expensive (there is definitely some problem with wood in Europe). I will certainly return here some day but in other company (I love my husband!).