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It was supposed to be a present for my 30-year anniversary though due to non-flying weather the flight was postponed. So if you’d like to take a trip keep the weather forecast in your mind and remember that the date is not definite. Overall flight takes about 2-2,5 hours with balloon unfolding and folding it back. The flight itself lasts 1 hour. The place of departure was at Ashton Court mansion, Bristol, very picturesque place, especially from the air =) There were 10 people in the basket including the driver. There are baskets of different sizes, from very small - for 4 persons, I guess - to too large - for 16! Very packed basket )) Acompanying persons can follow the balloon and meet their relatives at the landing, in all cases the flight organizers bring you back to the initial place, in a car. And to celebrate one of the happiest event ever in your life, you will be treated by a glass of champagne or a bottle of beer (and it is to say that it depends on company organizer - we enjoyed our beverage!). Despite I dreamt about the balloon flight I felt a little bit nervous right before the take-off, however the voyage was very smooth and delightful and in half an hour it wasn’t frightening to look under the basket any more :) The sky view is one of the most enjoyable things for me and the landscape from above and the horizon, and sun setting somewhere past the Bristol channel - all was so incredibly amazing and marvelous! I brought my husband with me to share the moment and impressions and to take photos =)

All in all it is really worth to experience and enjoy!