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As a flowers’-parks’-gardens’ lover I like to visit all sorts of these places, so the Dyffryn gardens were the real present for me. The area is not too vast, a deliberate promenade will take about 2-3 beautiful hours of your life. The place consists of a well-groomed little forest, several garden ‘rooms’, plenty of marvelous flowers, a small greenhouse and a house which was constructed in 1895. The house is partially under reconstruction, but some rooms are available to view, however, in my opinion, there is no much to see but it’s rather pretty from outside.

dyffryn gardens

The Cory family created this big garden, they traveled a lot and brought different plants from all over the world, that’s why the present garden as we can see it is wonderful, full of colors and brightness. This is a very pleasant place to walk trough and take a rest!